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It’s Called Rape
Online + Hard Copy Option
“It’s Called Rape” Video & Printable Script One Year Unlimited Online Streaming Access (renewable each year for $30)
One printed spiral-bound script and 1 USB Flash Drive (Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping)

Cost: $229.00


Program Summary
Both girls and boys receive mixed messages about sexuality and what is expected of them.  Coercion is oftentimes masked as love.  This presentation examines consent from both an emotional and legal stance.  It calls non-consensual sex just what it is – rape, and the program is thusly named.  It can be perpetrated against either gender, by either gender.  Students are alerted to high-risk behaviors, non-stranger assault, victim blaming and communication.  As always, students are assured that people can and do heal. 

Video description
Sexual boundaries and consent are examined through a story about the impact of non-stranger sexual assault. The scenario deals with victim blaming, the role of alcohol/drugs, positive bystander intervention, and actions to promote recovery and healing.

Scripted presentation and video are 45-60 minutes total.

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