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"I just thought, we've got to have this. It becomes one more thing that we are putting in the students' toolbox for keeping them safe, or if they have been violated or harmed, getting them to a safe place. If they are not safe, they are not learning."
District Coordinator of Counseling Services, Crowley, TX

The program is presented in a safe way- nothing scary about it. The message is clear and on their level.
1st grade teacher, Weatherford, TX

A Play it Safe!® presenter was presenting the program to a 4th grade class. As she began the conversation about confusing touch (sexual abuse), a little girl got a bit antsy and raised her hand. Thinking she had a question, the presenter called on her. The child, in a voice that was determined to be heard, said “That happened to me; my dad did that.” Immediately a little girl in her group leaned towards her, placed her hand over the victim’s hand and in a sweet voice said, “You know that wasn’t your fault, right?”
Play it Safe!® Presenter

This program gives students a voice, allowing them to use vocabulary and the right information to tell an adult.
Kindergarten Teacher, Fort Worth, TX

A mother called the Rape Crisis Hotline. Her son had seen a Play it Safe!® presentation and brought home a coloring book. While Mom was reading it with her child, he said that daddy touches his private parts. The mom contacted The Women’s Center to learn what steps to take next to protect her son.
Crisis Interventionist

While observing a class of 5th graders watch the “It’s Harassment!” movie, I noticed every single student was watching intently. After the movie was over, one student said “Wow, that was really powerful”. All the students agreed. You could immediately tell these students really enjoyed the movie and understood the message.
Classroom Observer

This is vital information that the students need to hear.
5th grade teacher, Arlington, TX

I was presenting a Play it Safe!® program to a third grade class and a little girl was asking a lot of questions. During the movie, her teacher came to me and said, “I’ve been afraid something is happening to that child, but she won’t talk to me.” Later that day, the child’s teacher came up to me and hugged me with tears in her eyes and said “She came to me afterward and told me about her abuse. She told me she didn’t know it was OK to tell’. But because she saw your program today, she knew it was what she needed to do.”
Play it Safe!® Presenter

This program is very useful for the students; it helps them talk about uncomfortable situations and lets them know its okay to talk to trusted adults. It informs them of who is a trusted adult.
2nd grade teacher, Watauga, TX

At the end of the 5th grade movie, the class broke into applause when Tori finally decides to talk to her teacher about being sexually abused.
Play it Safe!® Presenter

I did a Play it Safe!® presentation for a first grade class and after the program was over, a little girl came up to me and told me about what was happening to her. I reported it. I didn’t hear anything else until several years later when the case went to trial. As I was leaving the courtroom after testifying, I recognized that child sitting on a bench in the hallway. She smiled, nodded her head at me as if she knew what had happened in there and said, “Thank you, thank you.”
Play It Safe!® Presenter

A 16-year old girl called the rape crisis hotline after hearing a Play it Safe!® presentation. She had begun to cry after the presentation. The teacher noticed and told her to call the hotline. The girl was being sexually abused by her father, and he had told her not to tell. She wanted it to stop, but had not known what to do until she saw this program.
Crisis Interventionist

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