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Get the answers to your most commonly asked questions!

What is the format for the presentations?

The Play it Safe!® curriculum can be presented in one hour or less. Each grade level program includes a presentation script and a video. Additionally, Pre-K through 2nd grade programs include a Joe and Suzy doll and coloring books to assist with the presentation and to reinforce messaging.

There are two purchase options for each grade level: Online Option Only or Online Option + Hard Copy (bound script and USB of the video).

Why different price points for the Elementary Programs?

The Pre-K through 2nd grade programs cost more because they include a set of Joe and Suzy dolls and 25 coloring books per program.  Joe and Suzy have bathing suits on under their clothes to illustrate that the private parts of a child’s body are those covered by a bathing suit. Coloring books are provided as a take home item that emphasizes the main ideas of the program.

What training is needed to present the curriculum?

The presentation script contains information on how to prepare for the program. Each script also includes general information about child abuse, how to respond if a child discloses an incident of abuse, frequently asked questions about the curriculum, and a sample pre/post test. The script is literally a text of what to say word for word and it tells you at what place to show the video. The script also includes the responses that you want to hear from the children, with suggestions on how to redirect the conversation if necessary.

Can we preview the script and videos before purchasing?

Yes, we can set up a free preview account that allows you to view the videos and the scripts in their entirety. We just need a date that you want the preview to begin.

Do you have anything for parents?

Parents are able to rent the videos through the Parent Portal at https://www.playitsafe.org.   There is also a free Parent Guide for parents when they rent a video.

If I buy Online Option Only, will I need to renew the license each year?

Yes, if you purchase Online Option Only of a program, you will need to renew the license each year to maintain access to the online streaming. The cost to renew the license for access to online streaming is $30 per program.

Do I need to pay for a license each year if I purchase the Hard Copy of the program?

The license renewal fee is for access to online streaming. When you purchase a hard copy version (printed, bound presentation script and USB flash drive of the video,) you also have access to the online streaming of the video for a year from the date of purchase. If you wish to continue the online streaming access after the first year, there is a $30 license renewal fee per program. If you do not want to continue access to the online streaming, you do not pay a license renewal fee.

If I miss the deadline to renew the online access, can I still renew?

You can renew your online access to streaming at any time, even if you missed the initial deadline.

Will I receive notification to renew online streaming?

You will receive a notification from info@playitsafe.org two weeks before the streaming is set to expire and then again one day before expiration.

How do I renew my license?

You log into your account with the email and password that you created when you registered for the account. Once you login, “My Account” will appear and all your purchased programs will be listed. If online streaming access needs to be renewed, a renewal box will appear. Once you check the box or boxes, you can proceed to check out.

What do I do if a school’s firewall blocks the online streaming?

Contact the school before the presentation to discuss any firewall issues.






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