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Program Details
(1st Grade)
(1st Grade)
1st Grade
Mae Shares a Secret
Online Option
“Mae Shares a Secret” Video & Printable Script
One Year Unlimited Online Streaming Access
Printable coloring book (English or Spanish Available)
One set of Joe & Suzy dolls (Please allow  5-10 business days for shipping)

Cost: $229.00


Program Summary
Storytelling and the use of Joe & Suzy dolls further expound upon the Play it Safe!® concepts. Interspersed in these scripted stories are scenarios which help children process what action they could take, or how a character might feel. Stories portray the difference between discipline and unsafe touch, and coloring books reinforce this message.

Video description
Mae is spending the summer with Grandpa, and shares her secret about her mom’s boyfriend. In this program children are taught to never keep a secret when it’s not safe.

Joe & Suzy dolls
The 12” dolls wear bathing suits under their clothes, and are utilized in the script when talking about “private parts” being the parts of our bodies covered by a bathing suit.

Coloring books (English and Spanish available)
Help to reiterate the 3 kinds of touch and remind children to use the 3-part safety rule. The coloring books can help facilitate the conversation at home between children and their parents/caregivers.

Scripted presentation and video are 45-60 minutes total.

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The Women’s Center of Tarrant County owns all videos, scripts, dolls and other materials. Purchase of license allows lawful use of the Play it Safe!® program. License must be renewed annually to lawfully continue use of the Play it Safe!® curriculum.

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