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For Parents

Talk to your children in an interactive, fun and nonthreatening way!

Although Play it Safe!® was designed for a classroom presentation format, it can easily be adapted to a more informal conversation with one or more children. The Play it Safe!® Program was designed so that a teacher, parent, counselor, or volunteer can easily present the program. The script included with each grade or topic has everything needed to present the program.

Why it works:

  • Program is age-appropriate and grade-level specific for Pre-K – 6th grade and topic specific for secondary schools. Use script/video for corresponding grade or topic. If presenting to a mixed age group, it is suggested to use the mid-level program. For example, if presenting to a small group of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, present the 4th grade scripted program and video.
  • Both genders can participate together.
  • Play it Safe!® coloring books, which reinforce the message of the program, are generally used through 2nd grade and can be a great tool to keep the conversation going at home.
  • Joe and Suzy dolls are used through 2nd grade to help instruct that private parts are the parts of the body covered by a bathing suit.

How it works:

  • Prepare for the presentation by reading the script and viewing the video in advance.
  • Present the interactive grade-level script first and show video when prompted in the script. Depending upon the number of children you are speaking to, plan on approximately 40 minutes to converse and view the 10-20 minute video.
  • Adapt the scripted stories to scenarios that are relevant to your child’s life. For example, a story about bike riding may speak to some children, but not to others.
  • Because Play it Safe!® is an interactive and engaging presentation, children’s answers to the scripted questions will vary. Acknowledge each child’s response and follow-up as appropriate.
  • Respond to any disclosure of abuse by remaining child-focused and staying calm. Child abuse is a crime and must be reported to authorities according to your state law. Refer to the script’s section on disclosures for more information.
  • Should you choose, a grade-level specific pretest and post test are available for gauging comprehension.


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